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About this site:

M.A.G.I.C. was founded by myself, Paul Wooding, to reinvigorate the stagnating debate in relation to the abysmal traffic congestion throughout Maidstone. I am a Tovil Parish Councillor and a local man. I am also a member of the North Loose Residents Association and Valley Conservation Society as I am just as passionate about our beautiful countryside and local issues as I am about traffic congestion. Please feel free to surf this site. Thank you.

Up to very recently, both WILLAct and M.A.G.I.C. fully believed that a Leeds – Langley Relief Road would alleviate a lot of traffic congestion in Maidstone as a whole. After discovering and thoroughly reading a damning 2016 KCC report……the only conclusion we came to was that we have both been used to garner public support for a road that does not do what is intended.

The link is HERE and on other pages on this site (just click on the capitals ‘here’ at the start of this sentence)….please take time to read it and you will undoubtedly come to the same conclusion as us. If only to see the graphs and pictures, you will see as we did, that a stand alone Relief Road serves just a very small minority.

UPDATE: A massive warm welcome to all members of WILLAct joining us and huge respect to Jenny Sutton for her hard work, dedication and commitment for years and years of campaigning for equal treatment for the WHOLE of Maidstone, not just solutions for a small minority. Jenny joining us gives us another dimension to expand and grow. We also welcome support from any Government or Local Politician together with any Resident’s Association’s that want’s to be part of the solution in the future for Maidstone.

Me, as the leader of M.A.G.I.C., talking to The Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP (Secretary of State for Transport) about the traffic congestion at the Wheatsheaf and Maidstone in general. [April 2018]
June 2018 marks an important milestone when WILLAct merged with us to make our voice #togetherstronger


There was actually a time when traffic congestion wasn’t an issue.

With the population of Maidstone increasing year on year, traffic congestion in all of Maidstone’s roads have become diabolical. [see ring road benefits]


The road layout we have in Maidstone has not changed much since the days of the horse & cart !!!

To transit from any one of the major routes to another requires you to pass through what I call the Spiders Web Centre

Things MUST change to accommodate the population increase

In stark truth, Maidstone NEEDS a complete Southern Link Road to finally solve a myriad of problems in our County Town.

A major question though, needs to be asked…………..Is it prudent, (or even constitutionally right), to consider spending in excess of £75 million of Kent’s taxpayers money for the benefit of just one small village in the  Maidstone District ?………….or to treat ALL of Maidstone’s residents with equality and place the option on the table to consider the proposed Relief Road as just ONE part of a more expensive, but easier fundable and a more comprehensive total solution to Maidstone’s “out of date” and “not fit for purpose” road layout system. A complete Southern Link Road solves so many problems.

Whilst the proposed Relief Road offers NO tangible solution (click on this link) in alleviating traffic using the unsuitable Willington Street, Junction 7, 8 and basically all other areas……. Leeds Village as a whole is devoid of basically all traffic,……………..if the project does not tie in with a Link Ring Road as part of a 4 phased complete scheme, then I can foresee the massive problem where the ‘Rat Runs’ would shift to other roads and all Maidstone will continue to suffer.

Phase 1, the all important Southern Maidstone Relief Road is a crucial piece of Infrastructure and we at MAGIC MAIDSTONE / WILLAct  fully support that, IF it is in conjunction with a complete scheme from the M20 clockwise to the A228 West Malling.

For MBC & KCC to consider the construction of a partial solution to our traffic congestion, without acknowledgement in principal, that a larger scheme will eventually have to be placed on the table, would be tantamount to Local Government acceptance of the future traffic gridlock ‘status quo’ in:-

Loose Road

Willington Street

The Wheatsheaf

Sheals Crescent

Hayle Road

Bishops Way

The Gyratory System

Tonbridge Road

London Road

Rocky Hill

Royal Engineers Road

Sittingbourne Road

Ashford Road

Square Hill Road

Knightrider Street

Lower Stone Street

Upper Stone Street


M.A.G.I.C. was founded by Cllr Paul Wooding to reinvigorate the stagnating debate regarding all of Maidstone’s road infrastructure condition and state including pot hole repair.