About Me

Born and raised in the Plains Avenue, Maidstone, (when we had trolley buses and a roundabout at the Wheatsheaf junction) !

I have served on active service with HM forces and travelled the world, but currently am working at Royal Mail as an HGV driver.

I am a member of the North Loose Residents Association and the Valley Conservation Society because I passionately believe in the preservation of our countryside for the enjoyment of us all.

Hand in hand with this, is the subject of Air Pollution……..something that has dangerously increased along with the quantity of cars and trucks on our congested town roads. I do not believe current Councillors are doing enough to highlight the desperately needed infrastructure change, and this is why I believe that all of Maidstone residents deserve better representation than a policy of Modal Shift.

In order to protect our countryside, I firmly believe that we have to combat the causes of Air Pollution….and that is stop / start traffic and congestion along major routes.

25 years ago, if I were to have told all readers of this post…that in the future, the world population would be in excess of 7 billion, that most people in the Western world would carry around a device that wirelessly enabled face to face video calling, take photos, play music etc etc etc………and the whole world would have 26% less drinking water……………..I would have been laughed at.

I stand here today though and warn that in 25 years time, if a decision is not made soon on a permanent solution to radically change Maidstone’s infrastructure………gridlock WILL occur.

More houses = more traffic. Solution = a free flowing outer road system to efficiently manage major spine road traffic distribution. It happens all the time in business. We need better “Joined up” local government in order to address the issues to of a future reality.